Sustainable Finance Live: Is sustainable finance sustainable?


Sustainable Finance Live: Is sustainable finance sustainable?

Sustainable Finance Live kicked off Tuesday morning in a hybrid format, in-person and online, where leaders discussed the problem statements and solutions that are defining the sustainable finance industry today.

Episode 143: Is Sustainable Finance the Next Big Commercial Opportunity?

“Exchanges at Goldman Sachs” Podcast – In this episode, John Goldstein, head of Goldman Sachs’ Sustainable Finance Group, talks about the firm’s recent sustainability announcement to invest or finance $750 billion of capital over the next 10 years across two themes–climate transition and inclusive growth. Goldstein highlights the commercial motivation behind the firm’s sustainability strategy. “This is grounded in a core view of where the world is going, a thesis, a research-driven view…almost a market call that fundamentally these questions of climate transition and inclusive growth are going to be central, secular themes for the economy for our clients and for ourselves,” he says.

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This podcast was recorded on November 11, 2019.

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Sustainable Finance.Live: More and more banks joining the ESG agenda

Jonathan Hughes, Co-Founder, Pollinate International, speaks at Sustainable Finance. Live about how Pollinate are working with banks to inform them and their customers about better buying decisions to help the environment, changing consumer views about their carbon footprint, the supply chain & impact of purchasing data and whether enough banks have enough of an appetite for Sustainable Finance.

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Sustainable Finance.Live: How best to design the report and reporting process.

Richard Conway, CEO, Elastacloud, speaks at Sustainable Finance. Live about energy sustainability, whether the challenges we face with understanding data necessary for sustainable products and solutions can be overcome, the methodologies organisations need to explore around data going forward, the role of AI and how best to design the report and reporting process.

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Sustainable Finance powering Sustainable Development | Herry Cho | TEDxPickeringStreet

Sustainable Development is coming, whether you are ready for it or not. How is the finance community supporting this, and what more can be done? My vision is for financiers to empower industries and the economy towards sustainable development. I am the Head of Sustainable Finance in the Asia Pacific for an international financial institution operating in over 40 countries. My main responsibilities are: 1) the origination and structuring of ‘green’, ‘social’ and ‘sustainability’ bonds, loans and other financial instruments, 2) advisory on sustainability ratings, and 3) supporting the integration of sustainability internally into product, sector and country teams’ activities.
I contribute on a number of expert sustainability and finance committees in the region, and reside in Singapore. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry (MBioch) was my degree at University of Oxford, and I’ve lived, worked and traveled in over 60 countries . In my spare time I play piano and ukulele for relaxation, act like kids with my fiancé, sing with my Amazon parrot Morrocho, meditate on water, and delve into nature. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at