Standard Chartered poaches Louwhoff from ING to lead digital operations


Standard Chartered poaches Louwhoff from ING to lead digital operations

Standard Chartered has raided ING Bank for a new chief digital, technology and innovation officer to replace outgoing CIO Michael Gorriz.

Lab 4 (Beer’s law) post-lab tutorial

Schwab + YCharts: Leveraging the Holdings Integration for Portfolio Construction & Analysis

In this webinar, Schwab joined YCharts to review:
• How to seamlessly import portfolio data from Schwab Advisor Center into YCharts
• Popular workflows for building and analyzing portfolios in both YCharts and Schwab Advisor Center
• Tools and features to elevate your proposal generation, client communication, and more!

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*Disclaimer: Any investment ideas communicated in this video are solely for product demonstration purposes, and are not meant to serve as investment advice.

Importance of being Lean in Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance

The webinar on “Importance of being Lean in Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance” was jointly organized by Toosy Advisory Services and AIT Extension, Asian Institute of Technology.

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Gergo Erdi – Executable, Synthesizable, Human Readable: Pick Three

Special thanks to the Haskell Foundation for supporting the production of this video!

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The great thing about Clash is that it is just Haskell. In this talk, we explore *why* this is great, by showing a simple hardware circuit developed using high-level Haskell abstractions:

* Separation of model and presentation * `State` with lenses for composable model updates * Type-directed and type-level programming

The result is idiomatic Haskell code that can be viewed in multiple ways:

* We can compile it as software Haskell, yielding an interactive simulation, i.e. a playable Pong game.

* We can compile it as hardware Haskell, yielding an FPGA configuration that can be hooked up to two pushbuttons and a VGA screen.