Open insurance startup Insurely raises €19 million; signs deal with SEB


Open insurance startup Insurely raises €19 million; signs deal with SEB

Insurely, a Swedish fintech startup that uses open banking data to help insurers personalise premium offers, has signed SEB as a flagship customer.

R Starter Pack II Module 3 – Handle Missing Values

DS Online Tutorials: R Starter Pack II

The Digital Scholarship Team has collaborated with Dr. Jacqueline Wong from Decision Sciences and Management to produce a series of online tutorials to facilitate teaching and learning. This is series 2 in learning R Programming – R Starter Pack II.

Clips were worked by BAI Yuin Ru, Rosalyn (IBBA 2021), HSIEH Chia Yen, Lydia (IBBA 2021) and PENG Yu Hua, Susana (IBBA-ABS 2021) of the project team. The project is funded by Courseware Development Grant Scheme (2019-22) of CUHK.

How To Start An Insurance Company

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Business Owner’s Insurance Policy: How to Get the Right Coverage

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Startup Funding Explained: Everything You Need to Know

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