Lemonade Foundation preps blockchain-based climate insurance for subsistence farmers


Lemonade Foundation preps blockchain-based climate insurance for subsistence farmers

The non-profit arm of insurance unicorn Lemonade has formed a coalition building a blockchain-based climate insurance offering for subsistence farmers and livestock keepers in developing markets.

Farming the Future: Harvesting Data on Blockchain

Zach Barnes, a farmer for Dole, explains how information on blockchain can help trace food from your table back to his farm.

How Will Decentralized Insurance Work? | Interaxis

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We keep looking for ways that Blockchain technology and Decentralized Finance can disintermediate and save us on fees and friction.

There is not an industry with more excessive fees and friction than Insurance.

Insurance is a pooling of risk. We look at scenarios that are not very likely to happen, but if they do happen, will cause considerable financial harm. We then seek to pool our funds with others so that, should that scenario happen to me, I will receive part of the pool to make me whole.

This has grown from the families in a village creating their own small risk pools to help guard against the loss of a life, to large companies using vast amounts of data to determine risk premiums and stashing huge amounts of cash and investments.

They have made the claims process purposely long and arduous, involving many people and paperwork.

Now Decentralized systems have the ability to utilize data, oracles, and cryptocurrencies to offer Decentralized versions of insurance.

We can outsource most of the functions of large insurance companies to code, and we can therefore create micro insurance products and companies.

This is just a high level overview of how Decentralized infrastructure might affect insurance options in the near future.

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Lemonade CEO chats with Liz Claman about the mission of the Lemonade Crypto Climate Coalition

April 06, 2022, Daniel Schreiber spoke with Liz Claman on ‘The Claman Countdown’ regarding the plan to offer climate insurance to the world’s most vulnerable farmers via the Lemonade Crypto Climate Coalition, funded by The Lemonade Foundation.

1st Shine Discovery Resource Fair for Special Needs Families 2022, Helia Brewery, Vista, California.

This was our first Discovery Resource Fair in partnership with Helia Brewery in Vista, California, and we had a great turn out with wonderful community resources and vendors like TERI Inc., Blissful Seeds, Austin Jones and Brenden Kerr Art, MeBe Family Services, and wonderful local music. Our hope is to continue to make local resources accessible for our special needs families.