Financial software provider Savana raises $45m


Financial software provider Savana raises $45m

Savana, a financial software player that helps banks and fintechs go digital, has raised $45 million in a Series A funding round led by growth-stage investor Georgian.

Why the Blockchain for traceability?

Use cases for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies are growing, fueled by the benefits of the technology and government-led steering activity. Zebra have a blockchain data service offering ! We will cover why we have built this, the use cases and early prototype solutions built using the API. To learn more about our Savanna Data Services, please click the following link:

To learn more about the benefits of blockchain and digital ledger technology, check out these two blog posts: or

Finxact’s Jim Joyce on Moments That Matter in Banking

Deliver next generation products to clients with #TinyHouseBigIdeas. Jim Joyce, Finxact CTO and co-founder, discusses how and key collaboration with Accenture.

Film Finance: How Do You Promise Investors An ROI On Your Film?

If you want to make films, understanding film finance is a must. But have you ever wondered how the hell you can promise film finance investors an ROI on something as high risk as a film? In this video, I explain how you can successfully pitch your film to investors in a way that gives them confidence about achieving an ROI on their investment.

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What is a Core Banking System

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