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Laser Hair Removal Santa Fe

Welcome! If you searched “Hair removal Santa Fe” or “ Electrolysis Santa Fe” or even “Santa Fe laser hair removal” then you are in the right place!

At Laser Hair Removal Santa Fe, where we offer the highest quality service in the Santa Fe area. The process of laser hair removal does not need to be scary, painful and most of all expensive, we offer the best prices around and amazing bundles options to help you save even more. With our Cutera CoolGlide treatment, the removal of your frustrating unwanted hair will be pain-free and fast.

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About Laser Hair Removal Santa Fe

We are lucky enough to be apart of one of the fastest-growing trends across the world. This being said our mission is to provide our patients with the very best laser hair removal devices, which is why we use the highly successful Cutera CoolGlide device. The Cutera CoolGlide works on every single hair and skin type and includes a handheld cooling device to numb the area as you are being treated!

At Laser Hair Removal Santa Fe we value our patient’s needs and understand that hair removal can be a sensitive topic, that is why our staff always provides professional and respectful service.

Our office is welcoming and our treatment rooms are made to feel just like a spa. Our goal is to make your treatment as comfortable and relaxing as possible so that you look forward to your treatments every time.

We are excited to have you join the hundreds of men and women we have treated over the years in Santa Fe.

Why Choose Us?

Laser Hair Removal Sante Fe stands out in the community for being the go-to place for hair removal with our educated and friendly staff at the forefront we offer great pricing options and bundles to fit all incomes.

We pride ourselves on having the fastest and most effective laser hair removal device around while providing a pain-free experience!

Our technicians will make you feel comfortable and respected as they walk you through your individualized treatment plan. It is our standard to make sure you feel educated and confident in your decision to permanent hair removal.

Call today and speak to our team about scheduling your free consultation with our professionals!

  • Provide consistently great customer service
  • To make you feel respected and safe during your treatments
  • It is important we find the correct treatment plan to fit your budget
  • We strive to give you a pain-free and enjoyable treatment experience
  • Give you a complimentary consultation to make sure laser hair removal is the correct path for you!

Free consultation

The first step to take for hair removal is to make an appointment with us for a free consultation to see which services are best for you!

What To Expect

We are so excited to get you started on your journey to silky smooth skin! Your experience with us will be exciting and freeing.

Our patients choose us for their hair removal needs because we are respectful and compassionate while maintaining a professional relationship. We know and understand the annoyance and hassle of stubborn unwanted hair and how the temporary methods just aren’t cutting it anymore.

We desire to eliminate this frustrating task from your life. If you are ready to get started let me walk you through what your experience will look like!

During your free consultation, we will be asking standard health questions to make sure this is a safe treatment for you. we will go over your specific goals for the area of hair you want to remove and recommend the treatment method for you!

We are diligent about making sure you understand what is involved in the procedure and the results to expect. We are here to answer your questions either during your consultation or after just give us a call and we will get you connected with someone to talk to.

During our face to face consult, we will go over our bundle options and the estimated price of your treatment plan.

We ask you stop all waxing at least 6-8 weeks prior to your treatment appointment. You may continue shaving!

On the day of your appointment we will go over any last questions, make sure you feel comfortable, and begin with your laser hair removal! Our Cutera CoolGlide machine with work to both cool and numb the area and the dual-wavelength laser will absorb the pigment in the hair and destroy the hair follicle, this will lead to either eliminating the hair for good or continually thinning the hair till it is gone.

After your appointment, we will be contacting you to make sure temporary side effects such as tingling have stopped! At Laser Hair Removal Santa Fe our consistent outstanding customer service is key so we will be getting any welcome feedback from you.

We cant wait to see you!

Services We Provide

santa fe electrolysis

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis is another great option to achieve permanent hair removal. This process involves using a small epilator and inserting it into the hair follicle, short frequency wavelengths are used to eliminate the hair follicle permanently.

santa fe chest hair removal


Hair Removal

One of most popular treatments for men is our chest hair service, it causes minimal discomfort and can boost self-esteem and confidence when removing your shirt. Women also receive chest or breast hair removal.

Many women suffer from those stubborn coarse hairs on the breast or around nipple area, these can be easily removed for good with just a few short sessions.

santa fe bikini line hair removal


Hair Removal

Our Bikini hair removal treatment involves removal of the unwanted hair on the sides of your pubic region. This treatment is one of the fastest and easiest sessions. Bikini hair removal is perfect for anyone tired of the constant upkeep of shaving during the summer months!

santa fe arm removal

Underarm / Arm Laser

Hair Removal

One of the most frequent service requests is our underarm treatment, it can be as fast at 10 minutes and save you a lifetime of keeping your arms down because you forgot to shave moments!

Arm hair removal is also a great option, the hair is typically fine and easy to treat!

santa fe leg hair removal

Leg Laser

Hair Removal

Times are changing and there is no longer a need for that costly and temporary waxing appointments. With laser hair removal of your leg hair, you will receive long-lasting and most of all less painful results. Imagine feeling silky smooth everyday!

santa fe back hair removal

Back Laser

Hair Removal

Back hair removal can be a great opinion in reducing back sweat and body odor, we have helped countless men around Santa Fe feel free and empowered from receiving this treatment. From patchy hair to the full-back we will treat it all.

santa fe brazilian hair removal


Hair Removal

Brazilian removal is the removal of all hair in the pubic region. As one of the fastest-growing trends out there today the Brazilian hair removal treatment has proved to be truly life-changing.

Forget the hassle of monthly waxing appointments and the worry of stubble showing and feel smooth, clear, and confident in your favorite swimsuit.


I couldn’t be happier with Laser Hair Removal Santa Fe. I received treatment there for my underarms because i was tired of shaving every day. I was able to do their bundle option for my fourth and final session free! The fact that i don’t need to buy a $10 razor every week shows me how worth it this investment was. They are honest and fair with their pricing.

Kelly Robins

I was crazy nervous going in for my consultation, I knew nothing about laser hair removal except for the few things I googled. They were so compassionate and understanding about how nervous i was. The technician sat with me for probably an hour explaining everything in detail for me, even drawing me pictures to demonstrate. I don't think i have ever received such kind customer service!

Jessica Charleston

Laser Hair Removal Santa Fe was fantastic, I have been dealing with annoying patchy chest hair for ten years and I am finally free. No more shaving or razor burn. Their technology and quality are incredible, I was shocked how easy it was, i didnt feel a thing during and after I was a bit swollen on those patch marks but that was gone by the next day.

Skyler Jefferson

About Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe New Mexico is commonly known as The City Different because of the vast amounts of culture, merging, Native American, Alego, Hispanic, and American all together in one beautiful city. Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico with an increasing population of 84,612.

From their award-winning cuisine to the astonishing art market, which is one of the largest in the world. There is not much you cant experience in Santa Fe, from Hiking, biking, water rafting we even have a ski resort. With 320 days of sunshine a year, Santa Fe really is one of a Kind

We are proud to provide services in Santa Fe Nm and the surrounding areas!

  • Rio Rancho NM
  • Los Alamos NM
  • Los Lunas NM
  • Las Vegas NM
  • Bernalillo NM
  • Espanola NM
  • And many other areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is laser hair removal safe on the skin?

Laser hair removal is absolutely safe for the skin, the lasers target the pigment in the hair, not the skin. You may experience some side effects like tingling or sunburn sensation but the treatments are completely safe for the skin.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Your treatment cost will vary depending on the size of the area being treated and how many sessions you will need, we do offer removal bundles to help you save on multiple treatment sessions!

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions needed is based on the size of the treatment area and how much hair needs to be removed, on average 1-6 sessions. For treatments such as the upper lip, this requires fewer sessions than say full back hair removal.

What is the difference between electrolysis hair removal and laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal works to thin and destroy the hair follicle meaning less and less hair regrowth with each session. Electrolysis uses safe electric frequencies with an epilator device to eliminate the hair follicle permanently. Laser hair removal is the less uncomfortable procedure and will require fewer sessions since electrolysis works one hair follicle at a time.

Is the process painful?

Your Laser hair removal treatments should never be painful, they may be minimal discomfort but we provide numbing and cooling solutions to keep you pain-free.

Electrolysis hair removal treatments are typically more tender and you might experience minor pain depending on the treatment site. But again we do provide numbing solutions.

Will laser hair removal work with my skin tone

Yes! Our advanced dual-wavelength machine works on every skin and hair type. Some hair types such a grey may require more treatment than others.

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If you are searching for Hair removal Santa Fe NM then we are here to help. We are experienced, professional, and trustworthy. We offer multiple treatments depending on your budget while maintaining the highest quality work in the laser hair removal Santa Fe NM area.

Your Confidence in us and our team is our priority along with making sure that you feel respected and comfortable in our office.

At Laser Hair Removal Santa Fe we are ready to hear about your hair removal needs!

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